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Ok so I woke up with a cold this morning and I decided to have a healthy but tasty breakfast!! When I’m sick I like to have hot food for breakfast since it’s really comforting!! I have 2 go to comfort breakfasts: cornflakes with hot milk and honey, or porridge.

This morning I went with porridge!! I make it a little differently though.

  1. Use real oats. None of those quick oats things. They have a weird texture!!
  2. I cook it for much longer than most people do. My mother likes to say it resembles wallpaper paste (no joke!!).
  3. Once it’s finished cooking I like to add lots of honey!! At the moment we have local honey from one of my neighbours who ones beehives. I comes on the comb so I just use what leaks out of it!! It’s really sweet and it’s much healthier to use local honey since it contains antibodies to local viruses! Also I know someone who did her doctorate on honeys and while she couldn’t say what she had discovered in her research, she did say to never eat honey from Mexico!!!
  4. After I put on the honey I like to add this really great seed and nut mix to make it extra healthy. Plus it give a great crunch!!

So in the end it looks a bit (exactly) like this:

Looks a bit like wallpaper paste right??? 😀 It tastes really great though!!

PS. Am I the only one who eats hot cornflakes?? When I mentioned it to my friends, they looked at me as though I was mad!!!