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Ok so Halloween is over (so is my birthday) and Christmas is just around the corner!!! Halloween was really great and I’ll try to post some photos soon!!

All that aside, I went into MAC cause I hadn’t been in in a while and I knew there would be some collection stuff out that I hadn’t seen. So I go in, and there are like three girls right in the entrance setting up new collection stuff and one of the ladies says that the Christmas stuff is out on Thursday!!! I missed out on the stuff last year because it was mostly sold out when I got there mid-December. I didn’t realise it came out so early!!! I’m super excited!!!!! It looks really pretty from what I saw!!!! I’m going to try to go back next week cause I’m going home tomorrow for work and I want to be able to see all the stuff and at least have the option of buying some of the stuff!!!

Soooooo, in conclusion, I’m super excited!!!!!!