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Hey guys!!

So I went shopping today an picked up some great stuff!!!

   I love It’s Raining Men!!! It’s really moisturising and smells great!!! I got the biggest sized bottle cause I love it so much and I’ll definately use it all!! Plus it was the best value!!

I got this facial cleanser as a sample! (I love LUSH, they always give samples!!) It is Coalface which is for oily or acne-prone skin. My skin is normally a bit dry but I do get acne so it will be nice to have when I get a breakout!!

I also got these free!! There was 5 but I shared them with my sister! They are the Breath of God Toothy Tabs ie. solid toothpaste. I’m a bit apprehensive of trying these since they are Myrrh, Sandalwood and vanilla flavoured!!

I also went to MAC and picked up a few of their new collection products!! I got 2 from the Cook MAC collection and 2 from the Chenman collection!

I got 2 tendertones!! I was really excited to get these since they were discontinued when I first heard they exsisted!!! When I heard they were coming back (courtesy of makeupbyTiffanyD) I knew I had to get them!!

I got the shades Hot ‘N’ Saucy (left) and Hush, Hush (right). Hot n Saucy is a really nice red with no shimmer. Hush is a shimmery bronze colour (sounds weird but looks great!).

I got this mineralise eyeshadow duoin the shade Pink Union. This is really gorgeous! It has a dark purple and a lighter shimmery pinky purple! The shimmery part is kinda divided into two parts too! The bottom part is darker and has bigger glitters!

This lip gloss is really pretty!! The picture isn’t very accurate though! It’s a much brighter pink with a coral tone to it! It has teeny tiny glitters in it too. They’re so small you wouldn’t notice them unless you looked really close. Perfect for people who don’t like glittery glosses!

Ok so that’s all I got!! I can’t wait to try them all out and I’ll try to post some reviews when I can!!!

Talk to you all soon!!! 😀

I posted my first video in a long time on youtube! It’s a clothing haul with a few other bits thrown in!!

Hoping to put up another by the end of the day along with cleaning my room and doing so TaeKwonDo practice!!

Listening to Daft Punk right now. I had my itunes on shuffle and a Daft Punk song came on and I thought “this is fun. I’ll listen to it for a while!!” This album really reminds me of an animated film that Daft Punk made to this music. It was really good!! My brother has it on DVD but I’ll never find it in his room so I’ll have to see if I can find it online!!

Hey guys!!!

So, I woke up this morning and went into the bathroom as per normal. However!!!! When I looked in the mirror my entire  face was red and I had a pile of pimples all over my face!!! I looked completely horrific!!!

So the first thing I did was rinse my face to try to get some of whatever it was that caused it off of my face. Then I took a leaf out of Bubzbeauty’s book and got myself a handful of dry oats to cleanse with. She said she did that when she had an allergic reaction so I decided there was no harm in it!! See her video here:

My skin felt really good afterwards. It was really soft and  the oatmeal really relieved the itchiness!!!! Then I applied some Eu Roma Water from LUSH and some cucumber water from Kuan Yuan Lian (an Asian company). This really helped to sooth my skin and reduced the redness!!

The cucumber water is very good for burned skin and that’s what my skin looked like so I gave it a go and it worked really well. I applied it regularly!! I haven’t done this yet since I’ve only been up for about an hour  but I’m going to make some oat milk to use on my skin aswell and I’ll keep it in the fridge so that it’s nice an refreshing!! It’s really easy to make. All you need is a handful of oats soaked in water for about half an hour and then strain out the oats!! (Oats can be saved for a body exfoliator later). I also need to moisturise so I need to look around the house for something gentle and preferably unscented!!

Unfortunately all of this means that, once again, I can’t make a video for my youtube channel. Hopefully my skin will be better later in the day and I might be able to make a small one!!!

Bye for now!!


Ps. I think it was the clenser I tried out yesterday that caused the reaction. It was the Neutrogena grapefruit cleanser.