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I posted my first video in a long time on youtube! It’s a clothing haul with a few other bits thrown in!!

Hoping to put up another by the end of the day along with cleaning my room and doing so TaeKwonDo practice!!

Listening to Daft Punk right now. I had my itunes on shuffle and a Daft Punk song came on and I thought “this is fun. I’ll listen to it for a while!!” This album really reminds me of an animated film that Daft Punk made to this music. It was really good!! My brother has it on DVD but I’ll never find it in his room so I’ll have to see if I can find it online!!


Just found this great new song (like 20secs ago!!!) and I seriously love it!! It’s called Satellite by Bryce Vine (who was on The Glee Project this year in case you don’t know!!). Go check it out on his youtube page!!