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Hey guys!!! I’m finally back. Life got in the way for quite a while!!! I had to study to get back into college (which I succeeded in), then I had so much college work to do that I had very little time to do anything. Plus I got a boyfriend and he takes up a lot of my time. Anyway, I have a little break before I go on work experience so I have time to do some more blogging and hopefully vlogging!

On to the review!!!

This is the Clinique Moisture Surge Extended Thirst Relief gel cream. It can be used as a moisturiser or as a face mask.

Texture: Thick gel formula

Smell: Unscented but has a light natural fragrance that is barely noticable

Price: Very expensive – currently €43.50 in Debenhams for 50ml.

Skin type: Any

My Opinion It works really well. When I first put it on my skin didn’t feel moisturised at all (it actually felt a little dry) but after about half an hour my skin was soft, smooth and felt really fresh. It took a few minutes to absorb so it shouldn’t be used if you’re in a hurry. I used it after a clay mask so my skin was rather dry when I applied it. I didn’t wash my face before bed and my skin still felt moisturised the following morning (and I had slept for about 10 hours so it was quite a while). Definitely long lasting. I would also like to add that I normally have an oily T-zone and even the next morning my skin was still matt! Also you only need a really small amount to cover the entire face so the tub should last quite a long time. It didn’t cause me any breakouts and didn’t irritate my sensitive skin.

Recommended: Definitely if you can afford it. (I got it as a trial size when I bought a few other things from the company)

Final Thoughts: It’s not a product I would use on an everyday basis purely because it is so expensive. I would use this weekly as a moisture boost after a long week or a night out and your skin needs a pick me up. My skin looked and felt really healthy after using it. A really nice treat for your skin!!

Alternative Products: The Body Shop Vitamin E Sink In Moisture Mask – costs about €17. Not quite as good but a good alternative for a significantly cheaper price.



Being as clumsy as I am can be very hazardous. In typical clumsy fashion, I managed to stand on a piece of glass in my shower!

You may be thinking “Huh? Why would there be glass in your shower?”
Well a few days ago, the lampshade in the bathroom fell and broke. We cleaned everything up and there was no problems. Two days later (ie. today), I had a shower and stood on glass. Now I wouldn’t mind this much as it was a small injury but my dad had a shower only a couple of hours before me. My mum also had one yeaterday. So why am I the only one to stand on glass????????? It’s just typical!! A few years ago I stood on an earring and spent 20 minutes with my sister trying to get it out! I’m surprised I don’t have a hole in my foot!!

I won’t put up a picture since that would be kinda gross..

I came home from Germany last week but I was really busy so I couldn’t do a blog post on it yet.

Anyway, I noticed that my cactus was a bit brown and soft so I looked it up and it said overwatering was the problem. The solution was to let the cactus dry out of the pot so I went to take it out and the head came off completely and the inside was completely rotten. I never overwatered my plant; I only watered it once a month but it was only small and my room is quite humid so it might have been that I didn’t take that into account. I’m really sad now. He was so cute!!!

RIP Cactus!!!


(This is not my cactus but it is quite similar.)

Picture taken from

So, as you can probably guess from the title, I’m going to Germany tomorrow!! I haven’t been on a plane for over 4 years so I’m really nervous!! But I’m really excited to be going!! I’m going to an ordination so I’ll be spending one of my days in a monastery and the next day we will go to his first mass and then drink the day away!! The next day we will be going to a lodge in the middle of the woods for lunch (a bit random, I know) and then we have a free day so we might go to visit the nearby city of Aschaffenburg which is said to be small but has an epic shopping centre!!

Weather is supposed to be good (above 20 C everyday) so I’ve packed lots of light clothes and two dresses from my collection of never-worn dresses!!

I hope to take tonnes of pictures for you all to see!!!

Out of curiosity, is it really weird that I’m most excited about the monastery???

So, every year in Ireland, at about this time of year, these really big, brown, hairy spiders start invading houses. They look a bit like mini tarantulas!! They have the creepiest ability to creep underneath closed doors!! It’s really scary!!

A few years ago, when I was still in secondary school, one ran into my bedroom!! It went under my bed and I didn’t see it again for nearly 2 months! I thought it was dead until one morning, when I was getting ready for school, it ran out from under the bed and into my school bag!! In the end I had to get a sweeping brush to poke at the bag in the hopes the he would come out again!! He did and then ran out my bedroom door and I never saw him again.

So, anyway, I have one of those spiders living in my bathroom lampshade at the moment. He’s been there for about a month and a half now and I’ve only seen him 3 times!! He build his web really weirdly though. He made it so it is like a floor hanging in the air. Instead of hanging upside-down like a normal spider, we walks on the air, all cool and nonchalant!! And since he came out of his home today, I took a picture, for your pleasure!! (In case you’re wondering, I enjoy torturing people!!!)


And he even has a little friend in the picture!!!

I just read this super cute manga called Cat Street yesterday and today!! Although I felt really foolish, I had a big grin on my face the whole time!!! I looked at the comments and most people seemed surprised that the girl ended up with the computer geek rather than the footballer, but I was really happy about it!!! I liked the computer guy too!!!! I just started watching the drama of it now too!! It’s not as good as the manga but it’s ok!

The name of it really reminded me of my house though. I live in an area with a lot of cats and any time you look out the window you would see a cat (or 3) passing!! I used to call it cat central station!!!

I love this picture!! It’s from “The Cat Returns,” one of my favourite animated movies!!!


Two of my favourite icecream flavours : Pralines and cream, and Strawberries and cream. Both from Haagen Dazs!!!