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As I mentioned previously, I went shopping yesterday with the ladies in my family!! I had tonnes of fun so I decided to show you what I bought!!

I got these shorts because I’ll be going to Germany and it’s much hotter there. They’re made of linen, so they are really comfortable. They’re also not to short when they are on. I’m not a fan of short shorts!!

I really like the colour of this top! It doesn’t show up well in the picture but it is a deep burgandy colour!! It was on offer for €5. I also like that it ties at the back.





I really liked the colours in this tshirt dress. It’s a really nice pink and a khaki green. I reaches mid thigh on me but I’m short so it’s designed to be a bit shorter.

This tank top is really pretty and the material feels really nice. I like the colour on this too. I think charcoal grey is really flattering on pale skin! The stripes make it feel nice and summery despite the dark colour.





I really love capri pants but it’s really hard to find a nice pair without spending a fortune. These ones cost me €15 and the stop at the perfect place on my calfs. Normally they are too long. They also have a slit at the calf area which is handy for sporty people like me who have big calfs!!

I picked up 2 pairs of leggings, one black, one white. These are really essentials for every girl but I never really had any so I got the two basic colours that go with everything. Plus I needed a pair of leggings for my Tshirt dress!






I love sporty looking tshirts at the moment since I’m on a big exercise kick right now. Plus they’re always really comfortable! I think this shade of blue is really flattering on anyone and I like how the neck line isn’t too tight. A lot of tshirts have really tight necks and it makes them really uncomfortable.

I love bright blue and string tops are perfect for summer. This one has teensy white flecks in it which lighten the colour and make it a little more interesting close up!







I’ve never been fond of wearing green since my secondary school uniform was green but I thought this shade was really pretty and summery so I decided to get it. Plus it looked really good with the white capris!!

And last but not least, I got this really pretty cardigan It’s navy blue with orange polkadots!! Because I have both pale skin and fair hair, oranges and yellows are a no go for me. They make me look really ill! But they are such pretty colours. This is a nice way of wearing orange without worrying that I look like I’m on my death bed!!!

Hope you enjoyed my little clothing haul! Have a spectacular day everyone!!!

I posted my first video in a long time on youtube! It’s a clothing haul with a few other bits thrown in!!

Hoping to put up another by the end of the day along with cleaning my room and doing so TaeKwonDo practice!!

Listening to Daft Punk right now. I had my itunes on shuffle and a Daft Punk song came on and I thought “this is fun. I’ll listen to it for a while!!” This album really reminds me of an animated film that Daft Punk made to this music. It was really good!! My brother has it on DVD but I’ll never find it in his room so I’ll have to see if I can find it online!!

So ya!!! As the title suggests, I went on a mad cleaning spree today!!! I never clean so it’s a bit weird. My parents just went on holidays to spain so I’m staying at home with my brother. I went to use the sink this morning and it really was disgusting!!!! So I cleaned it. Then I just kept on cleaning….

Clearly, something is wrong with me!!

Aside from that, I went out to my local charity shop and picked up a couple of great tops!! I also picked up something for my halloween costume which I needed to dye pale blue but I put in too much dye!!! It’s now midnight blue!!!

Anyone know how to get dye back out again????!!

Night Everyone!!