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Hey guys!!!!

So I got my braces tightened today (hence the heading!!!) and it really hurts!! They gave me elastic bands to wear 24/7 which is the most awkward (I know it’s silly but I only learned how to spell this yesterday. I could never remember that there were two w’s!!) thing ever. It makes it really hard to eat because of them being there, because of the pain and simply because I can’t open my mouth wide enough to eat so it takes me forever to finish a meal!!!

Mine aren't colouredy like these ones but they did come in a cute bag with a picture of a bear on it!!!

Ok! Annoying rant over and done with!! Hopefully I’ll be able to put up a video tomorrow!!!

On a side note – weather in Ireland is being really stupid. The weather people said last week that we would have a big heatwave over the weekend and the start of this week. Unfortunately, said heatwave seems to have bypassed my town completely because the rest of the country is out having barbecues while in my town it’s raining and foggy and windy and just miserable!!! And while we had all this horrible weather (which I secretly kinda like!!) Dublin city hit the hottest temps of the year at the weekend!!! Congratulations Dublin!!! Soon the snow will come along and put you out of business while my home will function as per ususal due to being right next to the coast!!!

And with that, I will say goodnight!!!!