My Lip Balm Picks

Posted on: March 25, 2013

Hey guys!!

Today I’ll be sharing my favourite lip balms with you (and one that I really hated!!)

First up is Vaseline. All of the vaseline lip products are great but my favourite is the rosy lips one. It has a slight pink tint so it looks really pretty and moisturises really well. It also smells really nice but if you don’t like rose scents it isn’t for you!! This is my everyday, go-to lip balm. The only downside is the fact that it comes in a big tin. You get your fingers messy and it can be hard to find room for it if you have a small bag!

Next up is Labello. Cherry Kiss is the only one I’ve tried but I’ve loved it for years. It has a dark pink tint so it’s like a low fuss lipstick. The smell is amasing but again, if you don’t like cherry… I really like the stick format and it glides on really well. It’s also ridiculously cheap!

Next is MAC Tendertones. I did a review previously on these (at least I think i did!!) They are only available in some of the summer collections so they can be hard to get. They also cost quite a lot. They are really smooth and the colours are very pretty but sheer. Nice for everyday wear.

Next up is Carmex. I bought this when I had really dry chapped lips. It’s not hugely expensive and it is really effective. I usually use this at night as the formula is quite waxy feeling. I’ve only tried the original flavour. It has a hint of menthol so it feels quite cooling when you apply it. The smell is really sweet but has no specific scent. Definitely good for a chapped lip emergency.

Lastly we come to the Korres Mandarin Lip Butter Stick. I absolutely hated this!! I could taste the chemicals in it (yuck), the colour stuck to my chapped lips and emphasised them and it wasn’t moisturising at all. I had to apply it every 10 mins for my lips to be relieved. I was really disappointed as I had heard a lot of good things about this company and I was expecting a great product. I just could not recommend these to anybody!!! The colour selection was ok but they were a little pricy.

These are my favourite (and least favourite) lip balms. Let me know what your favourites are as I’m always looking for new ones!!!!

Talk to you again soon!!!


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