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Being as clumsy as I am can be very hazardous. In typical clumsy fashion, I managed to stand on a piece of glass in my shower!

You may be thinking “Huh? Why would there be glass in your shower?”
Well a few days ago, the lampshade in the bathroom fell and broke. We cleaned everything up and there was no problems. Two days later (ie. today), I had a shower and stood on glass. Now I wouldn’t mind this much as it was a small injury but my dad had a shower only a couple of hours before me. My mum also had one yeaterday. So why am I the only one to stand on glass????????? It’s just typical!! A few years ago I stood on an earring and spent 20 minutes with my sister trying to get it out! I’m surprised I don’t have a hole in my foot!!

I won’t put up a picture since that would be kinda gross..

I came home from Germany last week but I was really busy so I couldn’t do a blog post on it yet.

Anyway, I noticed that my cactus was a bit brown and soft so I looked it up and it said overwatering was the problem. The solution was to let the cactus dry out of the pot so I went to take it out and the head came off completely and the inside was completely rotten. I never overwatered my plant; I only watered it once a month but it was only small and my room is quite humid so it might have been that I didn’t take that into account. I’m really sad now. He was so cute!!!

RIP Cactus!!!


(This is not my cactus but it is quite similar.)

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