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So, as you can probably guess from the title, I’m going to Germany tomorrow!! I haven’t been on a plane for over 4 years so I’m really nervous!! But I’m really excited to be going!! I’m going to an ordination so I’ll be spending one of my days in a monastery and the next day we will go to his first mass and then drink the day away!! The next day we will be going to a lodge in the middle of the woods for lunch (a bit random, I know) and then we have a free day so we might go to visit the nearby city of Aschaffenburg which is said to be small but has an epic shopping centre!!

Weather is supposed to be good (above 20 C everyday) so I’ve packed lots of light clothes and two dresses from my collection of never-worn dresses!!

I hope to take tonnes of pictures for you all to see!!!

Out of curiosity, is it really weird that I’m most excited about the monastery???

I just watched the film Judas Kiss so I decided to tell you all about it!!!

General Plot: (taken from IMDb)

Failed filmmaker Zachary Wells is convinced by his best friend and hotshot director Topher into replacing him as a judge in their film school’s annual festival. Zach’s one-night stand with a student backfires when that student walks into an interview the next morning calling himself Danny Reyes, the name Zach went by when he attended the school. And Danny’s film, “Judas Kiss,” is a finalist in the competition Zach is judging. Zach’s film, also “Judas Kiss,” won the festival years before. As Zach scrambles for answers, a mysterious, chain-smoking campus tour guide, counsels him: “Change the kid’s past, change your future.” But how? Zach comes to believe he can mend his life by disqualifying Danny from competition, putting him on a different path than Zach followed. But will Zach’s plan work?

In case you didn’t notice from the plot, this is a gay film. I happen to have a strange fascination with gay films so I watch a lot of them and this one was definitely one of the best ones I’ve seen!

It’s a very intriguing film for several reasons:

  1. The weird time loop. The college student (Danny) and the filmmaker (Zach) are the same person.
  2. Judas Kiss. Throughout the movie you hear the opinions of everybody about the film but you don’t get to see the film until the very end. Danny keeps saying that the film is fiction but it’s like he’s covering the truth and that the film is autobiographical. You find yourself wanting to see the film a lot!!!
  3. Throughout the film there is an occasional odd kind of glowing light around some of the characters. At first you almost think you are seeing things but it keeps happening.  It is rather surreal!
  4. In general it is a very odd film. It is kind of realistic in its portrayal of the characters despite the fact that several of the characters are, in fact, the same person!

I really liked this film. I definitely recommend that you watch it if it sounds good to you. Also I really liked the soundtrack. I’m thinking of buying it on iTunes!!


Out of curiosity, have you watched any good films lately?? Leave a comment!!! 😀

So, every year in Ireland, at about this time of year, these really big, brown, hairy spiders start invading houses. They look a bit like mini tarantulas!! They have the creepiest ability to creep underneath closed doors!! It’s really scary!!

A few years ago, when I was still in secondary school, one ran into my bedroom!! It went under my bed and I didn’t see it again for nearly 2 months! I thought it was dead until one morning, when I was getting ready for school, it ran out from under the bed and into my school bag!! In the end I had to get a sweeping brush to poke at the bag in the hopes the he would come out again!! He did and then ran out my bedroom door and I never saw him again.

So, anyway, I have one of those spiders living in my bathroom lampshade at the moment. He’s been there for about a month and a half now and I’ve only seen him 3 times!! He build his web really weirdly though. He made it so it is like a floor hanging in the air. Instead of hanging upside-down like a normal spider, we walks on the air, all cool and nonchalant!! And since he came out of his home today, I took a picture, for your pleasure!! (In case you’re wondering, I enjoy torturing people!!!)


And he even has a little friend in the picture!!!

I just read this super cute manga called Cat Street yesterday and today!! Although I felt really foolish, I had a big grin on my face the whole time!!! I looked at the comments and most people seemed surprised that the girl ended up with the computer geek rather than the footballer, but I was really happy about it!!! I liked the computer guy too!!!! I just started watching the drama of it now too!! It’s not as good as the manga but it’s ok!

The name of it really reminded me of my house though. I live in an area with a lot of cats and any time you look out the window you would see a cat (or 3) passing!! I used to call it cat central station!!!

I love this picture!! It’s from “The Cat Returns,” one of my favourite animated movies!!!

Ok so on the recommendation of a work-mate, I just watched Letters to Juliet. (I’ve been on a real movie kick lately!!)


Anyway, so I just finished watching it and it put such a big smile on my face. Now you can call me a hopeless romantic but it was an utterly adorable film. It made me laugh and it really made my day feel complete. Now I feel like falling in love would be absolutely wonderful!! Honestly, the movie was seriously cute and I recommend that everyone watch it. I hope it makes you as happy as it made me!

If anyone has any film recommendations for me, I would love to hear about it!!! I’ll watch anything but I’ve really been into chickflicks lately!!


Two of my favourite icecream flavours : Pralines and cream, and Strawberries and cream. Both from Haagen Dazs!!!

As I mentioned previously, I went shopping yesterday with the ladies in my family!! I had tonnes of fun so I decided to show you what I bought!!

I got these shorts because I’ll be going to Germany and it’s much hotter there. They’re made of linen, so they are really comfortable. They’re also not to short when they are on. I’m not a fan of short shorts!!

I really like the colour of this top! It doesn’t show up well in the picture but it is a deep burgandy colour!! It was on offer for €5. I also like that it ties at the back.





I really liked the colours in this tshirt dress. It’s a really nice pink and a khaki green. I reaches mid thigh on me but I’m short so it’s designed to be a bit shorter.

This tank top is really pretty and the material feels really nice. I like the colour on this too. I think charcoal grey is really flattering on pale skin! The stripes make it feel nice and summery despite the dark colour.





I really love capri pants but it’s really hard to find a nice pair without spending a fortune. These ones cost me €15 and the stop at the perfect place on my calfs. Normally they are too long. They also have a slit at the calf area which is handy for sporty people like me who have big calfs!!

I picked up 2 pairs of leggings, one black, one white. These are really essentials for every girl but I never really had any so I got the two basic colours that go with everything. Plus I needed a pair of leggings for my Tshirt dress!






I love sporty looking tshirts at the moment since I’m on a big exercise kick right now. Plus they’re always really comfortable! I think this shade of blue is really flattering on anyone and I like how the neck line isn’t too tight. A lot of tshirts have really tight necks and it makes them really uncomfortable.

I love bright blue and string tops are perfect for summer. This one has teensy white flecks in it which lighten the colour and make it a little more interesting close up!







I’ve never been fond of wearing green since my secondary school uniform was green but I thought this shade was really pretty and summery so I decided to get it. Plus it looked really good with the white capris!!

And last but not least, I got this really pretty cardigan It’s navy blue with orange polkadots!! Because I have both pale skin and fair hair, oranges and yellows are a no go for me. They make me look really ill! But they are such pretty colours. This is a nice way of wearing orange without worrying that I look like I’m on my death bed!!!

Hope you enjoyed my little clothing haul! Have a spectacular day everyone!!!

I just found out that one of my all time favourite books is being made into a movie!!! It’s Thirteen Reasons Why by Jay Asher!


I’m so excited to see it!!!!! It is such a great book! I’m a little aprehensive though; Selena Gomez is playing the lead character. I have to admit though, Although I don’t really like her personally, I can’t really find fault in her acting so it will probably be really good!!!

Gah!!!! I can’t wait until it comes out!!!!

Hey guys!!! It’s been quite a while since I last posted on here!! I’ve been feeling very uninspired lately. Please let me know how you help keep yourself inspired and motivated!!!

While I’m here, I figured I might as well let you know what’s been happening in my life lately.

Towards the end of March, I went to a nerdfighter meet-up in Dublin and that was so much fun! I made tonnes of new, like-minded friends. Here’s a picture:


There were a tonne of us there. We’re hoping to have another meet-up during the summer!!

A few weeks after that, I went to Athlone for an athletics competition! It was a 2 day competition with a semi-formal night out afterwards. It was so much fun!!! I met tonnes of new people there too both from my own club and from other clubs! For the most part, athletes are really friendly!!


This is a few of my team members and myself! I’m the really short one by the way!!

Yesterday I went shopping with my sister and Mum in the city. I might do a small blog post later with pictures of all the clothes I bought.

I’m also going to Germany at the end of the month!! I’m really excited! I’ve wanted to go to Germany for ages because my parents go the whole time!

In other news, the weather is really good today. So good in fact, I’ve actually opened my curtains!!! Oh my!! Shock/horror!!! I have to admit it is a rarity!!!

That’s pretty much everything that’s happened in my life since my last post! Talk to you again soon (hopefully!!).