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Ok so I just started watching Battle Royale (a japanese movie) and I’m 1.5 mins in. It’s already really creepy!! I paused to let it load a bit and decided to update you on what I’m doing since I have nothing else to do!!

My room cleaning project hasn’t really progressed.

But I have been studying a bit more than before! (not that that’s difficult but I’m doing a fair bit now!!)

Currently reading Divergent again. I should do a book review on it soon for my channel! Also I finished Sophie Kinsella’s latest book “I’ve got Your Number”. It was great!!! I had so much fun reading it. Definately a good summer beach read if you’re looking for one!!

That’s pretty much it for now. I must finish watching the movie and drink my peppermint tea!! I’ll probably let you know how the movie went. It looks like it will be really grusome!!

So I had a mad epiphany this evening and it was very simply that I’m a slob so I need to get organised and if I ever want to get back to college I really need to get a move on with my study!!

So I decided to go on a made search for my white board and marker!! I couldn’t find the marker I was looking for but I found some nice coloured ones and decided to have fun!!!

I had a little too much fun but now it feels like summer is in my bedroom and I’m sitting here with a stupid happy grin on my face!!! I think it was a job well done!!! 😀

Now I just have to do what my board says…

Ok so I woke up with a cold this morning and I decided to have a healthy but tasty breakfast!! When I’m sick I like to have hot food for breakfast since it’s really comforting!! I have 2 go to comfort breakfasts: cornflakes with hot milk and honey, or porridge.

This morning I went with porridge!! I make it a little differently though.

  1. Use real oats. None of those quick oats things. They have a weird texture!!
  2. I cook it for much longer than most people do. My mother likes to say it resembles wallpaper paste (no joke!!).
  3. Once it’s finished cooking I like to add lots of honey!! At the moment we have local honey from one of my neighbours who ones beehives. I comes on the comb so I just use what leaks out of it!! It’s really sweet and it’s much healthier to use local honey since it contains antibodies to local viruses! Also I know someone who did her doctorate on honeys and while she couldn’t say what she had discovered in her research, she did say to never eat honey from Mexico!!!
  4. After I put on the honey I like to add this really great seed and nut mix to make it extra healthy. Plus it give a great crunch!!

So in the end it looks a bit (exactly) like this:

Looks a bit like wallpaper paste right??? 😀 It tastes really great though!!

PS. Am I the only one who eats hot cornflakes?? When I mentioned it to my friends, they looked at me as though I was mad!!!

So I just filmed part of a face mask tutorial video and I thought I’d share a little picture with you!!

In case anyone is wondering I’m using the MyBeautyDiary sheet mask in Apple Polyphenol. I bought them on!!!

On a side note, I’m really loving Bigbang’s new song Fantastic Baby. Also loving Ed Sheeran!!!

So I figured I should probably tell you all something about myself since I seem to have failed to do so before now!!!

400m relays, first leg!

My name is Nel (it’s a nickname my friends gave me in secondary school!).

I’m 21 (had to think for a moment about that one. For a minute I thought I was 22!)

I’m Irish so expect a lot of complaints about the weather!!

I make youtube videos on two channels: and the second one is for my book reviews and random non-beauty things!!

I’m in college (repeating second year. Oh, the shame!) and I’m studying herbal science. It’s impossibly hard!

I love sports and I’m a member of my college athletics club and I’m a few grades away from black belt in Taekwondo!

Other than that I’m basically a weird girl who is slightly obsessive about a huge number of things, the main ones being books, movies, make-up, and sports!! Have fun!!!!

Hey guys!!

So I went shopping today an picked up some great stuff!!!

   I love It’s Raining Men!!! It’s really moisturising and smells great!!! I got the biggest sized bottle cause I love it so much and I’ll definately use it all!! Plus it was the best value!!

I got this facial cleanser as a sample! (I love LUSH, they always give samples!!) It is Coalface which is for oily or acne-prone skin. My skin is normally a bit dry but I do get acne so it will be nice to have when I get a breakout!!

I also got these free!! There was 5 but I shared them with my sister! They are the Breath of God Toothy Tabs ie. solid toothpaste. I’m a bit apprehensive of trying these since they are Myrrh, Sandalwood and vanilla flavoured!!

I also went to MAC and picked up a few of their new collection products!! I got 2 from the Cook MAC collection and 2 from the Chenman collection!

I got 2 tendertones!! I was really excited to get these since they were discontinued when I first heard they exsisted!!! When I heard they were coming back (courtesy of makeupbyTiffanyD) I knew I had to get them!!

I got the shades Hot ‘N’ Saucy (left) and Hush, Hush (right). Hot n Saucy is a really nice red with no shimmer. Hush is a shimmery bronze colour (sounds weird but looks great!).

I got this mineralise eyeshadow duoin the shade Pink Union. This is really gorgeous! It has a dark purple and a lighter shimmery pinky purple! The shimmery part is kinda divided into two parts too! The bottom part is darker and has bigger glitters!

This lip gloss is really pretty!! The picture isn’t very accurate though! It’s a much brighter pink with a coral tone to it! It has teeny tiny glitters in it too. They’re so small you wouldn’t notice them unless you looked really close. Perfect for people who don’t like glittery glosses!

Ok so that’s all I got!! I can’t wait to try them all out and I’ll try to post some reviews when I can!!!

Talk to you all soon!!! 😀